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Welcome to Our College

Purbasthali  College  was  established  with  the  aspiration  to  provide  best  learning atmosphere to the students of this locality. This is the only degree college in this area. It is a Govt. aided college which is affiliated to the University of Burdwan. At this time we provide B.A. Honours and B.A. General Courses. But in near future we are  planning  to  introduce  Science  stream.  The  faculty  members  are  always ready to serve for better learning and all round development of the students. The office  staffs are very  efficient  to meet up  the various requirements.  We are also proud  of  the  warm  teacher - student  relationship  in  this  college.  Besides  regular teaching and learning activities, the students are encouraged to participate in the various  cultural  programmes.  We  endorse  the  students  for  indoor  and  outdoor games.  Our  devoted  faculty  members  regularly  take  online  classes,  arrange webinars/ e-conferences, and upload video lectures for the benefit of the students in  the time of the pandemic.  The  institution  also  maintains  its  YouTube  Channel, Purbasthali  College  e-Lyceum  where  academic  endeavours  are  uploaded  time  to time.