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Dear Visitors,   Welcome to Purbasthali College. The college infrastructure and facilities are continuously being renovated while new facilities are introduced. The college has a well-qualified and dynamic faculty base who regularly upgrade themselves to enrich teaching-learning proc ...

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Purbasthali  College  was  established  with  the  aspiration  to  provide  best  learning atmosphere to the students of this locality. This is the only degree college in this area. It is a Govt. aided college which is affiliated to the University of ...

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Admission Notice
Date Extension Notice for Sem-1 21-22 Registration_03.12.21 03/12/2021    Download
Notice for Sem-1 21-22 Registration of Preregistered students 02/12/2021    Download
Date Extension Notice for Sem-1 21-22 Registration 29/11/2021    Download
Reopening Notice for Admission in 3rd and 5th Semester 21-22 29/11/2021    Download
Notice of Registration form fill up Sem-1 21-22 22/11/2021    Download
Notice of Admission verification 22/11/2021    Download
Sem-1 2021-22 Hons & Gen Admission List 16/11/2021    Download
Notice for 4th Phase Admission in Semester-I_2021-22 06/11/2021    Download
Vacant seats for 4th Cycle Admission 06/11/2021    Download
Portal reopening notice for Admission in 3rd Semester 21-22 04/11/2021    Download
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General Notice
Admission in N.S.S. 27/11/2021    Download
Notice of SVMCM Scholarship 22/11/2021    Download
Notice for Holiday on account of Kartick Puja & Rash Purnima 16/11/2021    Download
Notice for Class starting 12/11/2021    Download
Notice for holiday 12/11/2021    Download
Notice of Holiday for Chat Puja 09/11/2021    Download
Holiday notice for Kali Puja & Bhai Dwitiya 03/11/2021    Download
Notice Regarding Covid-19 Vaccine 29/10/2021    Download
Online Routine 2021-22 (odd Semester) 25/10/2021    Download
Online Class Suspension Due to Durga Puja 09/10/2021    Download
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Exam Notice
Marksheet distribution of Sem-3 & 5 Exam-2020 07/12/2021    Download
Reopening Notice for form fillup of Sem-2 & Sem-4 20-21 for Exam-2021-2 12/09/2021    Download
Notice of Sem-6 Exam-2021 Marksheet Distribution 11/09/2021    Download
Notice of Sem-1 20-21 Registration Card Distribution 11/09/2021    Download
Submission of Internal Assessment for Semester II and Semester IV 25/08/2021    Download
Submission of AECC 2 Internal Assessment 25/08/2021    Download
Reopening Notice for form fillup of Sem-2 & Sem-4 20-21 for Exam-2021 25/08/2021    Download
Reopening Notice for form fillup of Sem-2 20-21 for Exam-2021 19/08/2021    Download
Reopening Notice for form fill up of Sem-4 20-21 for Exam-2021 14/08/2021    Download
Reopening Notice for form fill up portal of B.A Part-3 Old for Exam-2021 04/08/2021    Download
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Tender Notice
Quotation notice for supplying Water Purifier 12/11/2021    Download
Quotation notice for supplying wooden chair 03/11/2021    Download
Quotation notice for Store room & Library Iron Rack_Almirrah_Aluminium Channel slide & Wooden Chair 07/09/2021    Download
Quotation notice for Doors, Windows & Grills Painting 28/06/2021    Download
Extension notice of quotation for Building Varanda Room painting 16/06/2021    Download
Quotation notice for supplying colour & Labour charge 11/05/2021    Download
Notice for Quotation for supplying Library Boooks 13/02/2021    Download
Quotation notice of labor charge for college boundary wall painting 04/02/2021    Download
Quotation notice for colouring of college building 13/01/2021    Download
Notice of Quotation for Online Admission Software & Desktop 12/03/2020    Download
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